'Modern' Skin: Setup Video

This video picks up where the install video left off. We begin by applying the modern google webfont 'Exo 2', laying out the header widgets, then move on to the footer widgets

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In the install video, we built the site from scratch using the ClickBump Jumpstart Pro installer plugin. We also installed the ClickBump “Modern” skin into the ClickBump theme via “ClickBump > Home > Add/Upgrade Skins“.

In this video, we pick up where we left off. First we apply our chosen custom font, “Exo 2“, a sleek new contemporary font face that’s just been added to the Google webfonts collection. The Exo 2 font fits this skin perfectly. The theme will automatically apply our chosen font to the headings throughout the site, giving it a nice professional look. But we’re not done yet…

Responsive Google Ads

Next, we begin adding the ClickBump custom widgets to the the header and footer widget containers to mimic the live demo site.

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